The use of technology at C腹侧 天主教 is a cornerstone of the educational experience. 技术 serves as an invaluable tool that facilitates learning, and technology is also explored as a subject area in our curriculum and through co-curricular 活动 that include the Coding Club, 机器人团队, and the Drone Club.

Ms.  Leavitt points out an important point on an iPAd to two students.


Find your favorite comfortable spot on campus and fire up your iPad, tablet, laptop or Kindle. Then grab your friends and get to work sharing video, music and messages for your upcoming group presentation, do research through the web, access the paper you started at home or download your favorite novel almost anywhere on campus, because CCHS is wireless!


No more heavy backpacks! All of our students are using iPads with e- and i-books for their courses. Can you imagine going into your mathematics class and scanning a QR code projected on the white board to download the notes for the lesson, or performing a virtual frog dissection in biology on your iPad? Why imagine it – it’s happening now! 患有先天中枢性换气在, we are proud to be one of the first s公立学校s in the area to utilize technology to its fullest by enhancing the teaching and learning experience.

Click here for more information on our iPad 1:1 Learning Environment.

Mr. Staropoli wokrs with a student at a computer.

The Innovators Scholarship Competition

Through the generosity of an anonymous alumnus, CCHS offers an annual competition, open to students in all grades, with the opportunity to earn a $12,000 scholarship applied to their CCHS tuition account.

The scholarship is individually awarded to one student judged to have best demonstrated an innovative or unique application of technology to any field, including but not limited to: art & design, software design, multimedia production, engineering or internet use.

A representative committee of CCHS faculty & staff evaluates and judges eligible projects and awards the $12,000 Innovators Scholarship to the winning student.
Adrian Suciu '19, winner of the 2017 Innovators Scholarship.

The 信息rmation 技术 Department

夫人. Jodi Linnehan Kriner

Director of Innovation and Academic Technologies

Mr. 肖恩·汉森

Manager of IT 服务s

Mr. 哈米德的费

Manager of Desktop Support 服务s

业务 & 技术 Department

Mr. Charles Adamopoulos


Ms. 凯特琳安德雷德


夫人. Aliali Belkus

Dean of Diversity, Equity & 包容

Mr. 安德鲁Joyal


Mr. 马修Sansoucie


Mr. 多明尼克Steadman